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Christine L. Kenyon,
Lactation Consultant

About Me.

After completing my graduate degree in Sociology in 1998, and spending 6 years in healthcare research, marketing, and biotechnology, I was restless in search of a more emotionally rewarding career. I wanted to positively impact people’s lives in a more direct and meaningful way. I was eager to work in women’s healthcare, so I accepted a position at a local hospital to help educate and provide programs and services for expecting and new parents. It was here that I found myself fascinated with the area of lactation and enjoyed supporting the new mother’s that came in to the center for services.

In 2005, I began my internship program at a local peninsula hospital and later became credentialed as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. My breadth of experience working with new mother’s and their babies range from the early postpartum days throughout the child’s first year of development. Having gained this experience from multiple work settings: Dayone Center, California Pacific Medical Center, and a Pediatric Practice, I have a broad knowledge base that includes many topic areas surrounding lactation. Today my work is centered on providing new mothers with education and skills through in-home lactation consultations.

After having 2 children of my own, I understand how becoming a new mother is a challenging time of transition and vulnerability, and I am truly honored to be invited to work so intimately with every new family.

- Christine