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Christine L. Kenyon,
Lactation Consultant

Support. Educate. Nurture.

Nothing compares to the overwhelming feeling and vulnerability of becoming a new mother. It is unquestionably an exciting experience, but learning how to nurture a newborn for the first time can also be anxiety provoking and stressful. As a new mother, you want to do your very best, which can be challenging when you are sleep deprived and healing from a C-section or prolonged labor.

Breastfeeding successfully takes time and practice. If you ask any new mother, they will tell you, it takes at least a few weeks to feel comfortable with breastfeeding and to understand the process. Try to surround yourself with family and friends that are encouraging and supportive of your choice to breastfeed in those early weeks. Take special care of yourself early on and let others help you with those household tasks. If possible, delegate your “to do” list to others, so you can focus on the needs and attention of your baby as well as taking care of yourself, which includes plenty of rest when baby is sleeping, and keeping up good eating and drinking habits.

Being a lactation consultant is so much more then assisting mothers with breastfeeding problems… It’s about helping women navigate through all the uncertainty of motherhood, and providing them with the knowledge and skills they need to be confident new mothers.

- Christine


We were referred to Christine by our pediatrician when our newborn lost too much weight because she wasn’t nursing properly. Christine is amazing–very passionate about her work and truly cares about helping babies and their families. She has a very calm, positive and reassuring demeanor. She came to our house, which made a distressing situation so much more comfortable. Christine helped us by writing out a specific action plan and answered all of my questions thoroughly. She also made it a point to follow-up with us to see how we were progressing. We are so grateful to have found Christine so that we didn’t have to give up on breastfeeding! 

Jennifer & Baby Avery

When my daughter had trouble latching on, our pediatrician recommended Christine. And she is amazing! She is kind, calm, knowledgeable and gave us her undivided attention. Her advice was doable and it worked wonders! She kept in touch throughout the months to make sure things were still working and to see if we needed further assistance. She is truly a wonderful person and the consummate professional. She’s the best!

Sarah & Baby Emily

During my pregnancy, I had always assumed that I would breastfeed. After my daughter’s birth, it was a shock to discover that breastfeeding can be such a challenge. I can honestly say that without the help and instruction of Christine, I would have given up on breastfeeding. Not only did she come to our house, extremely important for a sleep-deprived mother, she was very accessible by phone for follow-up questions. She is patient, incredibly knowledgeable, supportive and non-judgmental. She is also a wealth of information, not only about breastfeeding, but so many other concerns facing new moms. Christine made the transition to motherhood so much easier for me and now my daughter and I are still happily breastfeeding.  

Miran & Baby Irene

Christine is the gold standard of lactation consultants. After a difficult start breastfeeding my newborn, she helped me establish a successful routine to get me back on track to providing 100% breastmilk for my baby. Her advice is very balanced, and considers the interests and well-being of everyone in the family. She has been there every step of the way as my and my baby’s needs have evolved. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

Darcy & Baby Katherine

Because of Christine’s expert advice, I’ve been able to successfully breastfeed my son for the past 8 months. I had a very difficult time figuring out how to breastfeed during the first few weeks following his birth. I had sought the help of several consultants, and no one helped me the way Christine did. I wasn’t latching my son on correctly and as a result was experiencing a lot of pain and soreness. I seriously was ready to give up and just switch to formula. She came to our home and assessed the situation, showed me the correct way to feed my son, answered all of my questions and gave me a detailed plan for moving forward (including how to feed my son in such a way to let my nipples heal). This was invaluable to me! After meeting with her just one time I learned how to breastfeed and became a pro within days. Since then, I’ve had numerous questions regarding proper weight gain, number of feedings required as he grows and now weaning to the bottle.  She has always been very patient and very responsive to all of my questions. I would have never been able to breastfeed my son without her help and I am so grateful to have found her in the very early days following my son’s birth.  

Leslie & Baby Sebastian